Lead Yourself to Leadership in Malta

Lead Yourself to Leadership training course was hosted by Prisms youth organisation in Malta, together with seven partnerorganizations from Malta, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland and Norway, 1.- 10. June 2018. In this blogpost you can read about our participant Raya’s experience on the project.


The whole group gathered while discovering the Island.

This training course gathered 7 different nations in a beautiful mix of characters and talents to learn about how to be a leader and qualities needed to become a true leader. The course consisted of daily themes that covered the necessary tools and concepts in leadership. It started with a theoretical introduction into the cycle of learning and its different styles. For a leader (educator or trainer…etc), the knowledge of oneself and the audience is fundamental to influence and lead. It is also important for a leader to recognise that we all have our visible and invisible sides of personalities and beings that in some cases cause conflicts. We are like icebergs that might look untouching over the surface of water when it’s crashing underneath. In such cases, we discussed the necessary soft skills to create the harmony needed and we landed on that our vulnerabilities, integrity and responsibility, and resilience are among the best skills for a good leader. How vulnerabilities, for example, are better used to build trust and effective communication between the leader and the team rather than hiding it behind the iron man attitude. Later, we reflected on what a conflict is and how to problem solve creatively using the rational, analytical, optimistic, critical and visionary selves. We worked with the theory of the Six Thinking Hats and were introduced to design thinking for problem-solving. 


We went through many interesting workshops and exercises about leadership.


Raya had a great stay on Malta, and also had some time to explore this beautiful island.

The course ended with putting our gained knowledge into practice by taking the role of a leader of a workshop. We were split into groups and held different workshops for the invited Maltese youth. My group and I made sure that everyone is involved in planning and executing the workshop using the techniques and knowledge gained from the course. We focused on having effective communication, non-formal style of leadership and a theme that is current and relative to our participants. A workshop on privilege and identity it was. A fun challenge that put us on the test and mission was accomplished with great pleasure.


The Norwegian participants on the project: Raya, Raafat og Rakel.

Our last day was a evaluation day and we all gathered writing feedbacks and evaluation papers to the amazing trainers we had. It was emotional to see how everybody was busy writing a letter after the other to the others. It felt like an end of a very successful training course and I am very happy to have taken a part in it. 


Participants are proudly showing their youthpasses after an ended project. The participants enjoyed and learned a lot during the week together.