Countryside Magic – festival i Georgia

Countryside Magic er en gruppeutveksling som fant sted i Gremi, Georgia 16.- 24. september 2017, med 30 deltagere fra seks land (Georgia, Armenia, Italia, Estland, Danmark og Norge), hvor deltagerne blant annet arrangerte en festival sammen med de lokale i en liten landsby Gremi, i Georgias vindistrikt. Deltagerne på prosjektet lærte også mere om entrprenørskap, utvikling av utkantsområder og hverandres kulturer. De fikk også vært med på årets høsting av vindruer.

Her er video om prosjektet og festivalen laget av Utskhography fra Georgia, som også var deltager på prosjektet:

Deltagere fra Shokkin Group Norge var Marte Rømoen (gruppeleder), Robin Van de Valle, Martine Kuldvere, Thea Aske Solheim og Othman Alnaomy. Her forteller Othman om opplevelsen han hadde som deltager på prosjektet:

..In Gremi we met..

Gremi is an area in Georgia that is about 3 hours away from the capital Tbilisi. It was my first participation to know how the organization’s system and work and it was something more than wonderful. We met young people from different European countries: Estonia, Armenia, Norway, Italy, Denmark and Georgia. We worked on changing the place in just 3 days. This is what happened. Everyone shared the tasks and each team consisted of people. But it was working as a team or as one person and to be accurate we were like family. We made an effort to make all the activities work. We made seats and competitions and organized some songs, publications, writing tattoos, making drinks and some activities are just a little money going to help the area. Every day we sat together a large table for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The organization is wonderful and the cooperation between people and teams is amazing. Anyone who shares his opinion and ideas with all respectfully takes the best and quickest idea. We invited some citizens of Georgia. And succeeded and changed the place from something simple to everything you want to enjoy .. It was a very wonderful experience and I will try to bring it back in another country.


Othman i Georgia’s hovedstad Tbilisi

Her kan du se bilder fra festivalen vi arrangerte: